Friday, 25 September 2015

Reputation building

Together with the increased usage of social media clear distinction has developed between the brand building objective and that of the management of the retailer’s reputation which in the case of larger retailer’s management structures have been put in place to perform this task. A reservoir of goodwill needs to grow in order to enhance their reputation in the eyes of the consumer’s and this is done effectively through the use of social media as a vehicle. In the same way that negative comments may be potentially destructive when issues arise, it is evident that where the reputation quotient is high the level of criticism is less severe. The focal points of reputation measurements are the retailer stacks up in terms of trust, esteem, the feeling they instill and admiration for the way they operate in the field of not only the product performance and innovation but also that of their workplace environment, the decent governance they uphold and the moral citizenship they display in the community.

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