Friday, 25 September 2015

Loyalty programmes

Loyalty programmes are very popular through the rewarding the customer either in the form of points, coupons or discount at till points. Such programmes are not only extremely effective in significantly improving sales and profits but also permit the retailer to analyse the buying habits of the customer in detail and consequently  are able to better service the consumer needs. It also enables the retailer to build a data base through which they can communicate directly in terms of highlighting special offers, the awarding of gift vouchers for special events such as birthdays with the customer through various channels such as newsletters, e-mail, social media and the post. Examples of such programmes are not only to reward for purchases above a certain amount but may also be for first time buyers, freebies such as, one get one free while some are targeted at specific categories of product and account holders. The objective of a good loyalty programme strategy should be to attract and keep new customers, entrench relationships with existing customers and heighten brand awareness and not necessarily simply just a service for those discount hungry customers who see such incentives as a means to save money.

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